Moms and Dads, WE NEED YOU!    


How will you make a difference in your child’s academic life this year? It’s easier than you think. Simply commit to take two hours a MONTH (not week) volunteering at Jackson.  Doing the math, if 20 percent of Jackson families gave 2 hours a month, our school would benefit from 2,547 hours of additional support for our teachers and staff.  


It's easier than you think.  Crazy work schedule? We have volunteers who come by on their way to work for an hour (doors open at 7:15am). There are other volunteers who help teachers with projects at home on nights and weekends.  Our happiest volunteers are those who match what they like to do with the needs of our school. 


Your child will notice!  Studies show parental involvement has a measurable impact on children’s performance. Or just watch your child’s eyes light up when they see you in the hall or in their classroom!


There are many opportunities for parents and community parents to get involved!  Your help is needed, even if you are not a member of the PTA!  Complete the Volunteer Interest form and someone from the PTA will be in touch with you.  You can also contact Courtney Donkervoet at for additional information.